A Talk by Nonie Valentine 🗓

2017 Events

Place: Boston University, 154 Bay State Rd., Boston   Date: March 18, 2017  Time: 4 PM

Towards and Away from Democracy: What Czechs Know?

Could it be that Czechs have a better than average ‘nose’ for the dismantling of democratic freedoms? Might this be just what is needed in the volatile political transition we are facing in the United States?

This afternoon is about reflection on personal experience and its value in a transitional era – first our presenter’s stories about the early post-communist period in Czech Republic then yours about your own experience – in light of current concerns about the fragility of democracy here and abroad.

Nonie Valentine was a psychological consultant and therapist in Brno/Prague from 1992-2012. The intimate exchanges in this role afforded a surprising vantage point on the socio-political transition underway since it was coming straight into the consulting room through the struggles of individuals. She will reflect on the themes of clients: the hard-to-break totalitarian habits of mind, the agendas of westerners, power struggles, and the experience of returning emigres. Is there a psychology of democracy and even a civic personality?

After her remarks she will lead a short exercise for us each to reflect on our own Czech experience, bring our stories if we wish, and discuss; what led to emigration, by choice or not, and what learnings may have accrued that could be entirely relevant to the changing democratic landscape in this country now?