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Archive of selected links (2001-2002) to articles of interest

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Listing by Subject

  • Attitude of CR and SR toward Czech and Slovak Americans

Czech Embassy Conference on “The Czech Republic and Czech America”

Disharmonious Relationships: Some Causes and Eventual Remedies. by Otto Ulc

Are Czechs Outside the Country Foreigners?

When Czech Fights Czech.

Czechs’ Attitude to Foreigners, Emigres Must Change.

President Havel’s Speech to Czechoslovak Community on the Occasion of SVU Conference in Minneapolis.

  • Civil Society

Czech Republic: New Group Aims to Build Czech Civil Society.

Give Civil Society a Chance.

A Bad Idea. Is “Civil Society” a Concept Whose Time Has Passed?

President Havel’s Speech at Macalester College, Minnesota, St. Paul (1999).

  • Czech Character

The Perspective of a Small State.

Czechs and Balances. A Nation’s Survival Kit. by Benjamin Kuras

Little Czechs, Big Europe.

Who Are We Reallly Like. by Jiri Musil

Searching for the Czech Nation. by Ferdinand Peroutka

On Doormats, Men and Quality of Thieves. by Tomas Pecina

Czech Shoe on the Wrong Foot. by Sean Hanley

Czech Character and Politics: A Singer in a Minefield. by Tomas Pecina

The Little Czech and the Great Czech Nation.

  • Czechoslovak America: On Behalf of the Czech and Slovak Republics

SVU World Congresss Plzen 2002. Tribute to America and Czech and Slovak Americans.

Czech Americans in the Struggle of Independent Czechoslovakia.

Czechs in World War I.

Texas Veterans of Czech Ancestry.

On All Fronts – Czechoslovaks in World War II.

SVU MEMORANDUM of November 1, 1968.


SVU Declaration regarding the Charter 77

SVU Appeal to Governments, Signatories of the Final Act of Helsinki, 1985.

SVU Commission for Cooperation with Czechoslovakia.

SVU Fund for Free Czechoslovakia Established (1990).

Memorandum of SVU Collegium of Presidents (1990).

SVU Statement of June 1992 Expressing Concern about the Political Situation in CSFR.

SVU Statement of January 1993 regarding the Breakup of Czechoslovakia.

SVU Seminars and Workshops.

SVU Participates in Flood Relied for the Czech Republic – Summer 1997.

Czech-Americans on NATO Expansion.

SVU Donates Piano to Czech Embassy.

SVU Sponsors President Masaryk Statue in Washington.

SVU Masaryk Memorial Youth Incentives Fund.

  • Dual Citizenship

Proclamation of Czechs Living Abroad.

Czech-Americans Seek Return of Homeland Citizenship.

Expatriate Voting Rights in the Czech Republic.

U.S. Statement on the Treatment of Citizens of Other Participating States: Property Restitution

Ex Post Facto: Problems of the Czech Citizenship Law

  • Extending Voting Rights to Czech Citizens Abroad

Participation in the Czech Parliamentary Elections by Czechs Abroad.

Extended Voting Rights to German Citizens Abroad.

You May Lose Your Vote.

  • Human Rights in CR and SR

UN Human Rights Committee. Report of the Czech Republic on the Implementation …1993-1999.

US Helsinki Commission: Property Restitution in Central and Eastern Europe.

UN to Scrutinize the Human Rights Record of the Czech Republic (2001).

Czech Helsinki Committee. Report on the State of Human Rights in the Czech Republic (1999).

US Department of State: Report on Human Rights Practices in Czech Republic (1998).

US Department of State: Report on Human Rights Practices in Czech Republic (2000).

Human Rights Watch Report: Czech Republic (2000).

Human Rights Watch Report: Czech Republic (2001).

European Court of Human Rights and the United Nations Human Rights Committee. Comparative Study.
by Jan Sammer.

Evropský soud pro lidská práva a Výbor pro lidská práva Spojených národu. Srovnávací studie.
Jan Sammer

Helsinki Commission Urges Czechs to Condemn Xenophobic Attacks.

Crosspoint Antiracism: Czech Republic.

Anti-Semitism Worldwide 1999’2000: Slovakia

Human Rights Watch World Report 2001 – Slovakia Human Rights Developments.

US State Department Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: Slovakia 2000.

  • Political Reforms

Impuls 99. by Prof. Tomas Halik

Development of Political Culture in the Czech Republic.

Ten Years of Czech Party Politics.

  • Postcommunist Czechoslovakia and the Aftermath

Czech Press – A German Monopoly?

The Sudetten-German Lie and the Survival Instinct.

Czech Republic: Former Leaders Argue Over Meaning of 1989.

Breaking-up of Czechoslovakia.

Role of Czech-Slovak Tensions in Disintegration of Czechoslovakia.

Czech Republic 1992 to 1999

Ten Years after Communism: The Great Czech Malaise

Presidential Succession. By Benjamin Kuras

  • Preserving Czech and Slovak Heritage Abroad

Czech Embassy Conference on “The Czech Republic and Czech America”.

Preserving Czech Cultural Heritage Abroad

SVU Conference – Czech Americans in Transition: Challenges and Opportunities for the Future” (Texas, 1997).

SVU-SPJST Resolution Regarding Preservation of Czech Cultural Heritage Abroad.

Czech Embassy Conference – Czech Republic and Czech Americans on their Way to a Common Future (1997).

Resolution from Czech Embassy Conference “Czech Republic and Czech Americans on their Way to a Common Future” (1997).

Czech National Heritage Commission Established.

In the Limelight of President Havel’s Visit (1999).

SVU Cultural Heritage Exhibit.

Survey of Czech and Slovak Historic Sites and Monuments in America.

Czechoslovak American Archivalia.

The Nebraska Happening (2001).

Czechoslovak America on the Net.

  • Press and Media


  • Religion and Faith

The Shadow of a Dead God? by Prof. Tomas Halik

Cultural Atheists and Cultural Christians.

Christian Reconstruction in the Post-Communist Czech Republic

Survey – Czech Least Religious of Former Warsaw Pact Countries.

  • Restitution of Property

Proclamation of Czechs Living Abroad.

Restitution of Property. Statement by the Czech Embassy, Washington, DC (1999)

Restitution of Confiscated Property in Czech Republic. by George Glos

US Helsinki Commission: Property Restitution in Central and Eastern Europe.

Concern over Setback in Return of Expropriated properties to Rightful Owners in the Czech Republic. by House Rep. Smith of NJ

Helsinki Commission Report on Restitution of Property.

Helsinki Commission Members Urge Restitution of Property to Czech-Americans.

  • The Roma Issue

Romani Scout Squads

Unveiled Indifference in Czech Republic.

History of the Roma Minority in the Czech Republic.

Gypsies in the Czech Republic. Controversy about Usti nad Labem.

Discrimination against Roma Minority in the Czech Republic.

Roma in Czech Republic: Foreigners in their Own Land.

Pigs out of Europe. Concentration Camp and Czech Pork.

The Czech Roma Refugees and their Flight to Canada.

The Czechs and Romanies: A Deep Trauma.

CER – Staying Afloat – Cooperation is the Way forward for Slovakia’s Roma.

Roma (Gypsies) in Slovakia. by Klara Orgovanova

The Roma in Central Europe – The Case of Slovakia

Slovakia: Roma in Domestic Media.

  • Rule of Law in CR and SR

Do Czechs Want their Rule of Law? by Benjamin Kuras

Revolution in Czeczechia. By Benjamin Kuras

Memorandum – Leopold Hilsner. by Petr Vasicek

  • SVU Role Abroad and at Home

SVU Resolution 2002.

SVU Mission Statement.

At the Dawn of the New Millennium.

New Millennium – New Vistas and New Challenges.

SVU – nase cile, nase poslani: zdali, proc, a co dal

SVU Resolution 1997.

SVU Resolution 1999.

SVU Resolution 2000.

SVU Resolution 2001.

  • Feminism

Feminism in the Czech Republic.

Czech Female Politician Breaks Mold.

Importance of Feminism in the Czech Republic.

Feminism in Slovakia.

Slovak Theatre versus Women’s Issues. by Nadezda Lindovska