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Covers the Territory of the Former Czechoslovakia, Including Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia, and Subcarpatian Ruthenia
2nd revised and enlarged edition
Compiled and Edited by Miloslav Rechcigl
, Jr., Ph.D.

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VII. Surname Lists & Search Sites

A. Surname Lists
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1. The Czechlands a. General Czech Surnames ...

Czech Surnames - Their Origin (in Czech)

Moravian Surnames, A-L

Moravian Surnames, M-Z

Poland Border Surname List

ROD & CLAN - databaze prijmeni .
Family Surname Database from Czech Republic

b. German Bohemians Surname Table of North Moravia

Surnames, Locations, Researchers (Sudetenland)

c. Jewish Jewish Surnames in Prague (15th-18th Centuries).

Jewish Surnames from Prague (15th - 18th Centuries). By Alexander Beider

Stammbaum (German-Jewish SIG) Surname List

2. Slovak Directory of Slovak and Non-Slovak Names in Slovakia

Slovak Pride Data Base

3. Ruthenian Carpatho-Rusyn Surname Listing

4. USA

a. Czechs and German Bohemians

Moravian Immigrant Database. By Thomas W. Hrncirik and Helene Cincebeaux of the Moravian Heritage Society and John Movius of FEEFHS

Texas Czech Surnames

German Bohemian Immigrant Surname Database

b. Slovaks

c. Ruthenians

Carpatho-Ukraine Database of Austrian immigrants

B. Search Sites
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1. Central & Slavic Europe Soc.Genealogy.

Slavic HomePage Check

2. The Czechlands a. General Bohemia Research List (BOHRL)

Czeching Out Our Ancestors

GeneaNet : Search in the Czech Republic

GenConnect Querry Links to Provinces of Czechoslovakia

Hledam, hledas, hledame ... predky a pribuzne
(I Look, You Look, We Look .... Ancestors and Relatives) (in Czech)

Search the GBHS Web Site, GenConnect

b. The Sudeten & Silesia Pinboard for Researchers (Sudetenland)

Sudetenland Research List (SUDRL) - in preparation

Silesia/Schlesien Research List (SILRL)

Poland Border Surname Mailing List

c. Jewish The Jewish Family Finder

3. Slovakia

a. General Searching in Slovakia

Slovak Queries

Slovak Surname Location Reference Project (Slovak SLRP)

Slovak Week - Genealogy - Searching Our Surname

b. Jewish The Jewish Family Finder

4. Ruthenia Carpathian Connection

Carpatho-Rusyn Surname Project

Carpatho-Rusyn Surname Listing

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