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Fractals, Chaos and the Geometry of Nature


A talk by Václav Kučera, PhD, Charles University, Prague
Tues, February 23 at 7pm

At Bohemian National Hall
321 E 73 Street, 3rd floor, New York

RSVP: Newyork@svu2000.org

Clouds are not spheres nor are mountains cones! What then is the shape of a cloud? Or a mountain? Or a tree? Classical geometry we all learned in school does not provide the answers. So can the shapes of nature be described using mathematics? Is there a formula for a fern leaf? Answers to these questions are surprisingly simple, intuitive and beautiful though it took two millennia to discover them. The resulting theories and mathematical tools are now routinely used in applications ranging from stock market analysis to modelling of tumor growth. However, they also have an alluring visual aesthetic.
The lecture will present the basic ideas behind fractals and chaos theory and the elegance and beauty they possess.

VÁCLAV KUČERA, PhD, is senior assistant professor at the Department of Numerical Mathematics at Charles University in Prague, Václav specializes in the theory and practice of numerical methods for partial differential equations, especially computational fluid dynamics. He makes a living by performing simulations of complicated physical and biological phenomena on computers and proving theorems on methods used and results obtained. Currently, he is a Fulbright Lecturer and Research Scholar at Brown University in Providence, RI.


Czech Cubism (1909-1919)

An illustrated talk by Prof. Arch. Jiří Pelcl, UMPRUM, Prague
Friday, January 29, 2016 at 7pm
Bohemian National Hall, 3rd floor
321 E 73 Str, New York, NY 10021

After 1909, Prague was considered the second most popular center of European Cubism after Paris. In his talk, Professor Jiří Pelcl will present the amazing era in Czech art history with focus on Cubism as applied in the Czech architecture, furniture design and other applied arts.

In conjunction with a new exhibit at the Museum of Cubism in Prague, in an outstanding piece of Cubist architecture by Josef Gočár, the Black Madonna House. www.czkubismus.cz/en/

Suggested donation $5.00
RSVP: newyork@svu2000.org

Jiří Pelcl is a prominent personality in the field of design in the Czech Republic. Aside from applied design activity for industrial manufacturing, he works in the area of design theory, lectures at colleges and universities at home and abroad. He is a professor at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (UMPRUM) in Prague and its former rector (2002–2005). His design work has received many awards and is represented in the permanent design collections around the world. Currently, he is a visiting Fulbright Masaryk Scholar at the Pratt Institute researching history of the Shaker furniture style. www.pelcl.cz

Czech  Cubism