DUÅ AN SWALENS: Fantasy World Close-Up

Fri, Nov 15 2013 at 6:30 pm
Bohemian National Hall 321 E 73 Str., kino
New York City

The Czech photographer DUSAN SWALENS, based in Belgium, will present his latest “BIO 2014” project, a series of macro-photographs from botanical gardens in twelve European countries.
“Playing with vision, perspective, and the power of visual representation, these works ask broad metaphysical questions concerning mankind’s relationship to nature’s ecosystems and our larger place within the universe.”

In conjunction with the exhibit at Agora Gallery in Manhattan.
Book and 2014 calendars signing.

In cooperation with the Consulate General of the Czech Republic.
Limited seating. RSVP newyork@svu2000.org

Dusan Swalens

Modern Architecture in Czechoslovakia in 1918-1938 (Functionalism)

Monday, October 28th at 6:00 pm
At New York University !!
3rd Floor Auditorium, 100 Washington Square East
(entrance on Waverly Place)

A Lecture by Vladimír ŠLAPETA, DrSc.
University of Technology VUT Brno, Czech Republic

Prof. Šlapeta’s lecture surveys the history of Functionalism in Czechoslovakia as it relates to the development of the Czechoslovak state in the interwar years. He discusses the work of numerous architects, tracing the wide range of approaches evident Czech design during this period.
Šlapeta identifies how works allied with the international movements of Cubism, Constructivism, Purism, and Poetism coalesced into a Functionalist idiom in Czechoslovakia in the 1920’s and 30’s.

Presented by New York University, Department of Art History, Urban Design and Architecture Studies and Czech House NYU, Department of Russian and Slavic Studies 
in cooperation with Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences NY

Film: We Survived the Gulag | Prezili sme Gulag

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 at 6:30 PM
Bohemian National Hall 321 E 73 Str., 3rd Floor
New York City
RSVP: newyork@svu2000.org
Director Ondrej Krajňák, 2009 Slovakia, 45 min.
Gabriel Levicky will introduce the film and lead the discussion following the screening.
In cooperation with Ústav pamäti národa (Institute of National Memory) in Bratislava, and the Consulate General of the Slovak Republic in New York.

This excellent documentary film confronts and exposes the experiences of the last surviving Slovak slave laborers who, despite all odds, miraculously survived the Stalinist labor camps. The film follows their cruel fate from their arrest until their release and return, when constantly surrounded by hostilities and death under dehumanizing conditions in the harsh, unforgiving natural environment.
In Slovak with English subtitles.

Peter Breiner: Circles and Encounters

Wednesday, September 11 at 6:30pm

Peter Breiners rumination about his numerous roles as a renowned conductor, composer, arranger and pianist, in combination with a soccer player and food connoisseur.
The audience will learn about his special project SLOVAK DANCES, a 90-minute long symphonic composition based on Slovak folk music accompanied by unique video and interactive features.



A Special Pan-Slavic Recital
In cooperation with the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences NY

FRIDAY, JUNE 28 at 7:30pm
Bohemian National Hall
321 E 73 Str, 3rd Floor
(between 1st and 2nd Avenue in Manhattan)

The program will present selections of love’s trials and tribulations in the works by well and lesser known Slavic composers. Sung by an international cast of Opera Slavica alumni, current students and guests in original languages including Czech, Bulgarian, Croatian, Polish, Serbian, Slovak, Russian and Ukrainian!
Followed by a discussion with the performers about the challenges of singing in Slavic languages.

A wine reception with Q&A.

Opera Slavica is widely regarded as New York’s preeminent training program in Slavic languages and repertoire offering young singers legitimate performance opportunities, practical, hands-on training in theatrical diction, role development, stagecraft and audition, preparation and exposure to high-level agents. The seven-week summer program culminates in a opera festival being held in New York City during the last week of August.

ANDY and THE RUSYNS, Saturday, June 8, 2013 at 5 PM

AndyA lecture by Elaine Rusinko
With James Warhola

Elaine Rusinko, Ph.D. , teaches Russian at University of Maryland, and is the author of a monograph We Are All Warhol’s Children: Andy and the Rusyns.

Her study establishes Warhol’s Carpatho-Rusyn ethnicity and explores its possible influence on his persona and his art. It also analyzes the Rusyns’ reception of Warhol, with a focus on the history of the Warhol Museum of Modern Art in Slovakia. She proposes that recognition of the Rusyn Andy contributes to a distinctive perspective on the American Warhol.

James Warhola, nephew, is an accomplished children’s book author. He also serves as a consultant to the Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art in Slovakia, near the Warhola’s ancestral village of Miková.

Organized by the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences NY
In cooperation with the Carpatho-Rusyn Society, New York Chapter, and the Consulate General of the Slovak Republic in New York.

SEX TALK: Understanding Communism in Czechoslovakia through Expert Discourses of Sexuality

Wednesday, May 8 2013, TBD at 6:30PM

A lecture by Katerina Liskova,Visiting Scholar at Columbia University, Assistant Professor in gender and sociology at Masaryk University.
In Czechoslovakia, the chief expert discourse on sexuality was provided by the discipline of sexology – a medical branch focused on human sexuality. While other disciplines studying sexuality in its social context (i.e. sociology, psychology) were severely curtailed, sexology was allowed to flourish. How did political economy of a state socialist country influence sexual discourses?


re-SITE: Collaborative Ideas for Making (Czech) Cities More Livable

Thursday, FEBRUARY 7 AT 6:30 PM

at New York University
100 Washington Square East
(Waverly Place entrance)
3rd floor auditorium

A LECTURE by arch. MARTIN BARRY.reSITE founder
Introduction by Alexandros Washburn, Chief Urban Designer at NYC Planning
The lecture will include a report on the 2012 re-SITE Conference in Prague.

Presented by NYU Department of Art History & Urban Design and Architecture Studies
and Czech House NYU
in cooperation with the Czechoslovak Society of Arts & Sciences NY