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Footprints in the Snow (Stopy v snehu)

Thur, June 16, 2016 at 7 pm
Film Screening and Discussion

Bohemian National Hall 321 E 73 Str., 3rd Floor
New York City
Moderated by Gabriel Levický

Footprints in the Snow is a new documentary film (2015) by director Slavomir Zrebny about the printing and distribution of underground “samizdat “ literature and the smuggling of “forbidden” books and information into communist Czechoslovakia during the Cold War period, from 1948 to 1989. The film presents the story of three friends who risked their freedom by carrying books across the mountains and over the border to Czechoslovakia. In 1983, they were arrested and sentenced to a jail term. Their arrest drew the attention of the Western media, and U.S. president Ronald Reagan called for their release. This film analyzes the motivations of these unknown heroes and of the regime that was so afraid of books.
52 minutes. In Slovak with English subtitles.

In cooperation with Ústav pamäti národa (Nation’s Memory Institute) in Bratislava
and the Consulate General of the Slovak Republic in New York
Stopy v snehu