Dreams of a Great Small Nation 🗓

2018 Events

Author’s Talk: Kevin J. McNamara

Wednesday, October 24, 2018 at 7:00 pm,
3rd floor

RSVP: newyork@svu2000.org
Free. Suggested donation $5.00

Mr. McNamara will introduce his comprehensive account of the highly dramatic events that led to the founding of Czecho-Slovakia in 1918. The story involves an ad hoc army of ex-POWs that inadvertently seized all of Siberia, global espionage, high-stakes diplomacy, and America’s own Czechs and Slovaks, who raised funds and pressured President Woodrow Wilson to grant their peoples independence.

Kevin J. McNamara, a former journalist, bureau chief, and U.S. congressional aide, is an associate scholar of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, Philadelphia, PA, and a former contributing editor of Orbis, its quarterly journal of world affairs.