Míla Šašková-Pierce

Míla Šašková-Pierce is Emerita Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, where is worked since 1989 until her retirement. She received the degree of Licencee in Slavic languages and general linguistic respectively at the Free University of Brussels and the Catholic University in Louvain. She received Master and Ph.D. in Slavic and general linguistics at the University of Kansas. Her research interest is in cultural history, teaching methodology, and Slavic linguistics. She has published articles on learning processes; American Czechs’ cultural history; Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Polish, and Czech languages in the United States. Under her advising, the Czech Komensky Club received Gratias Agit Award (2005) from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

Dr. Mila Saskova-Pierce is the Czech Honorary Consul for Nebraska.