The Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences (SVU) is announcing a competition for the 2011 Dr. Joseph Hasek student awards.  The names of the winners will be announced in the Society’s newsletters.

The main purpose of the Society’s awards is to generate and encourage scholarly interest in Czech and Slovak affairs among university students living outside the Czech and Slovak republics.   There will be one prize for the best undergraduate and one for the best graduate study dealing with some aspect of Czech and/or Slovak history, politics, or culture.  The winners will receive the $250 Dr. Joseph Hasek award, a year’s membership in the Society, which includes a year’s subscription to the Society’s newsletter, and a Certificate of Merit.

The following rules apply:

1) The paper must be submitted by the professor in  whose class it was presented and should be accompanied by his recommendation.

2)  The study must have been written for an undergraduate or graduate course during the academic year 2010-2011.  Chapters of theses or dissertations are not admissible.

3)  The deadline for submission is MAY 15, 2011.

4) The study essay should be submitted in five copies to professor Vera Borkovec, 12013 Kemp Mill Road, Silver Spring, MD 20902.  It must be typewritten, double-spaced and submitted in Czech, Slovak, or any of the major Western languages (English, French, or German).

5)  The Student Awards Committee which will judge the quality of the submitted essays consists of:Prof. Ivo Feierabend (San Diego State University), Prof. Milan Hauner (University of Wisconsin),Dr. Vlado Simko (SVU Executive Board), Dr. Zdenek David (SVU Executive Board), and Chair, Prof. Vera Borkovec (American University).

6)  Submitted papers are not returned.