Thomas Drobena

Thomas DrobenaRev. Thomas J. Drobena has been member of SVU since 1960. He was born in Chicago, but his heart and soul are in Moravia. He received his M.A. at Hebrew University in 1968, and in 1975 his PhD from California Graduate School of Theology in Glendale, CA. He is an author of Heritage of the Slavs (1979) and editor and translator of book on architecture Lutheran Churches in Slovakia (2003). Rev. Drobena spent the last three decades in archaeological study of the Great Moravian Empire. He would like to help make SVU of more significance to people he knows in the eastern part of the USA who call themselves Slavs but are unaware of SVU.

Rev. Thomas J. Drobena served as Elected Member of SVU Council in 2016-2018.