Request from SVU President

As most of our members know, our Archivist and Past SVU President Míla Rechcigl, for years, has been diligently working on a long-term, to date the most ambitious SVU project yet, to preparing a comprehensive and up to date Czech American Biography. It is a tremendous and unparalleled undertaking which, when finished, will comprise several thousand biographies of notable American personalities with Czech roots, starting from the time the first Czech put his foot on American soil to date.

In contrast to the traditional Who’s Whos that are quite impersonal, cryptic, telegraphic in style, full of abbreviations which make them hard to read, and frankly unpalatable, if not boring, Míla Rechcigl has chosen an encyclopedic style with a flowing narrative to make them more interesting and a pleasure to read. For easier use, instead of alphabetical arrangement, he has organized this monumental endeavor into specific sections of various facets and areas of human endeavor, covering business, religion, government & politics, law, music, dramatic art, visual art, creative writing, publishing, media, education, activism & reform, the humanities, social sciences, biological sciences, physical sciences & mathematics, engineering, medicine, military, exploration, espionage, sports, modeling, and recreation. The publication will, of course, have an alphabetical index as well.

Inasmuch as the manuscript is rapidly approaching its completion, to assure its completeness, Dr. Rechcigl would welcome additional suggestions of significant individuals for possible inclusion in any one of the areas mentioned above.

I am heartily supporting this effort and request the SVU members, and anybody else, for that matter, to send as soon as possible names of deserving individuals to Dr. Rechcigl, via the following e-mail: svu.one@gmail.com Be sure to include the person’s place and year of birth, as well as death (if applicable). You can also send a short bio if you have it. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Petr Hausner, M.D., Ph.D.
SVU President