Czech American Bibliography

SVU is pleased to announce it just issued the Czech American Bibliography, published, under SVU auspices, by AuthorHouse. The book, with the foreword by SVU President Karel Raška, has been authored by Mila Rechcigl, ‘SVU Scholar in Residence’. It is a comprehensive bibliography of publications relating to Czechs in America, from the earliest time since the discovery of the New World to date, covering their settlement, community life and their contributions to their host country. Although emphasis is on English titles, including books, as well as articles, the relevant titles in Czech language have also been included, particularly in those areas where there is a paucity of English titles. It also incorporates and updates the relevant publications in the classical Esther Jerabek’s bibliography on Czechs and Slovaks in North America (1976).

To assure maximum utility, the bibliography has been organized and classified into specific sectors by subject. Under most major headings, general surveys are listed first, followed by more specific categories, which have, in turn, been subdivided into subcategories. Individual entries in all sections are arranged chronologically. Under most subject areas separate biographical sections were added, comprising individuals of note in the respective fields.

This 277-page imposing, authoritative reference work, which is the result of the laborious and painstaking research of the author for some thirty years, is a must for every student and scholar, as well as interested layman of Czech American immigration and cultural history. Apart from providing information on just about every aspect of human endeavor, it is hoped that it will induce serious students and scholars to do more work in areas that have not, as yet, been adequately researched.

We urge those associated with universities and research institutions to make sure that their libraries order this indispensible book for their collection.

Czech American Bibliography can be ordered from the SVU. Contact