Winners of 2007 Dr. Joseph Hašek Student Awards

This must be the year of Švejk !

HEIDI BLUDAU, graduate student at Idiana University for her paper “The Good Dissident Švejk: An Exploration of Czech Morality and Cultural Survival”.

The panel judging the graduate submissions consisted of Profs. Věra Bořkovec, Ivo Feierabend, and Milan Hauner. Heidi Bludau’s bold enterprise is thought-provoking and well-reserached, and the paper is written in an entertaining style. Whether or not one agrees with all she has to say in her paper, we admired her extensive reading, honest and positive thinking about the subject. The award is well deserved and we wish Miss Bludau much success in her further studies.

THOMAS HAUNER, undergraduate student at the University of Chicago for his paper “Švejk vs Cimrman: A Comparison in Satire”.

The panel judging the undergraduate submissions consisted of Drs. Věra Bořkovec, Ivo Feierabend, and Jana Švehlová. This was the second award given to a paper which dealt with the Good Soldier Švejk, albeit from an entirely different point of view. Thomas Hauner’s paper was the most original of the papers received and admirable in its daring to handle such a difficult topic as the analysis of humor and satire. His comparison of the two best-known humorous heroes in modern Czech fiction, namely Švejk and Cimrman, is fascinating, both from the point of view of their background and their legacy for the future. In addition to that, the writing style is excellent and the essay is a delight to read. Thomas has just received his B.A. from the University of Chicago and we all hope he will go on to graduate school.

Best of luck!
Věra Bořkovec