SVU Presidential Citations 2006

As a part of the Concluding Plenary Session of the 2006 SVU World Congress in Ceske Budejovice there was a special Award Ceremony during which SVU President Mila Rechcigl recognized contributions of several SVU members and friends on behalf of the Society by presenting them SVU Presidential Citations. Special “Beyond the Call of Duty Awards” were also presented to two individuals. The list of the recipients of the Award by categories is given below.

Assistance with SVU World Congress

  • Vice Rector Prof. Vladimir Papousek
  • Dean Prof. Libor Grubhoffer
  • Docent Michal Bauer
  • Mr. Vladimir Matajs
  • Ing. Jana Zbiralova
  • Ms. Zuzana Galatikova
  • Ing. Gabriela Dudova
  • Mgr. Hana Bumbova
  • Dr. Blanka & Svata Kudej
  • Dean Prof. Cecilia Rokusek
  • Prof. Karel Raska
  • Prof. George Tesar

Assistance to the Society as a Whole

  • Prof. Clinton Machann, Editor of Kosmas
  • Dr. Andrew Elias, Editor of Zpravy SVU
  • Ing. Jiri Eichler, SVU Website Benefactor

Beyond the Call of Duty Award

  • Frank, Mucha, SVU Treasurer
  • Mrs. Eva Rechcigl, SVU First Lady

SVU Fellow Certificates

A part from the SVU Presidential Citations, President Mila Rechcigl also recognized scientific and scholarly accomplishments of several SVU members who were elected “SVU Fellows” and presented them with the certificates. The certificates were presented to:


  • Prof. Vaclav Paces, President of the Academy of Sciences of CR
  • Leopold Pospisil, Prof. Emeritus of Anthropology, Yale University
  • Frantisek Sehnal, Prof. and former Director, Institute of Entomology, Academy of Sciences of CR
  • Vaclav Vitek, Prof. of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Pennsylvania
  • Hon. Josef Jarab, Senator, Parliament of Czech Republic, Prof. & former Rector of Palacky University and the place Central European University