Slovak Government Scholarship for U.S. Citizens

The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Washington D.C. is informing about the following:
The government of the Slovak Republic is offering 1 scholarship for the US citizen to study at the Slovak Universities within the following specializations:

Teaching, Educational Sciences; Human Sciences and Art; Social and Behavior Sciences; Journalism and Information; Economy a Management; Natural Sciences; Ecological and Environmental Sciences; Architecture; Technologies and Structural Engineering; Agriculture; Forestry; Veterinary Sciences; Water Management; Non-medical Health Sciences; Mathematics and Statistics; Information Sciences and Communication Technologies.

The students can apply for scholarships online: Technical support is available on

The deadline for online registration is May 29, 2014.

The scholar year at the Slovak Universities begins generally the first week of September.

Mastering of the Slovak language at the required level is the condition for obtaining the scholarship. For obtaining the required level of the Slovak language, the government of the Slovak republic is offering 1 year scholarship.

You can find the list of Slovak Universities and more useful information at