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  • If you prefer to pay by check, please download the SVU Application Form: | PDF |
    and send it to the indicated postal address along with your check. To speed up your registration, you can email scans/photos of your application and your check to
  • By joining the SVU you explicitly agree to receive emails from the SVU headquarters and from the SVU Local Chapters that contain internal communications, news, and invitations to events. Please make sure the addresses are added to your white lists/ green lists/ address lists so that the communications reach you safely. Your contact for address changes:

Membership Dues and Benefits

Dues (per year):
  • Individuals … on-line: 40 USD  /by check: 45 USD or 60 CAD
  • Couple Membership … on-line: 45 USD  /by check: 50 USD or 65 CAD
  • Students … on-line: 10 USD  /by check: 15 USD or 20 CAD
  • Institutions … on-line: 100 USD  /by check: 105 USD or 140 CAD
  • Individuals in the Czech Republic and Slovakia … on-line only: 20 USD
  • Newsletter Zprávy SVU
  • Promotion of SVU members’ publications and professional accomplishments in the newsletter and SVU social media outlets
  • Opportunity for networking with SVU members at universities and other institutions throughout the world
  • Opportunity for cross-generational and interdisciplinary exchange, mentoring and cooperation
  • Membership in the SVU LinkedIn non-public networking group
  • Right to publish in Zprávy Newsletter and Kosmas magazine
  • Right to vote in SVU elections and referendums
  • Right to serve on SVU committees and as officers of the Executive Board
  • Right to create a new SVU Chapter
  • Right to initiate and organize events under the umbrella of SVU
  • Right to apply for an SVU grant for a project or publication
  • Discounts on SVU publications and partnered cultural events
  • Reduced registration fees for SVU Conferences and SVU World Congresses