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  • If you prefer to pay by check, please download the SVU Application Form: | PDF |
    and send it to the indicated postal address along with your check. To speed up your registration, you can email scans/photos of your application and your check to

Membership Dues and Benefits

Dues (per year):
  • Individuals … on-line: 40 USD  /by check: 45 USD or 60 CAD
  • Couple Membership … on-line: 45 USD  /by check: 50 USD or 65 CAD
  • Students … on-line: 10 USD  /by check: 15 USD or 20 CAD
  • Institutions … on-line: 100 USD  /by check: 105 USD or 140 CAD
  • Individuals in the Czech Republic and Slovakia … on-line only: 20 USD
  • Newsletter Zprávy SVU
  • Promotion of SVU members’ publications and professional accomplishments in the newsletter and SVU social media outlets
  • Opportunity for networking with SVU members at universities and other institutions throughout the world
  • Opportunity for cross-generational and interdisciplinary exchange, mentoring and cooperation
  • Membership in the SVU LinkedIn non-public networking group
  • Right to publish in Zprávy Newsletter and Kosmas periodical
  • Right to vote in SVU elections and referendums
  • Right to serve on SVU committees and as officers of the Executive Board
  • Right to start a new SVU Chapter
  • Right to initiate and organize events under the umbrella of SVU
  • Right to apply for a SVU grant for a project or publication
  • Reduced $27 annual subscription of the SVU’s academic periodical Kosmas (in English). Non-members $32.
  • Reduced prices of SVU books
  • Reduced registration fees for SVU Conferences and SVU World Congresses