DC, June 1-2: Wilsonian Conference


June 1, 2018

Conference name:

Creation of the New Europe

Celebrating 100th anniversary of the creation of new national states in Central/Eastern/Southern Europe following the Paris Peace Conference (01-18-1919 to 01-21-1920)

Conference Objectives:

  • Celebrate creation of new national states in Europe – Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania, Greece etc.
  • Discuss political and logistical challenges associated with a new state creation
  • Celebrate historical personalities that participated in the process – Masaryk, Stefanik, Wilson, Dmowski, Paderewski, Venizelos, and others
  • Yesterday’s creations – tomorrow’s challenges – historical perspectives on challenges of new states (for ex: German minority in the Czech Republic, Kosovo, transfer of ethnic communities to new states, etc. …)
  • Conference to be complementary to individual Embassy events and activities.

Conference organizers/sponsors and venue:

For Conference details, please email: wilsonianclub@gmail.com

H.E. Ambassador Peter Kmec, H.E. Ambassador Petr Gandalovic, Hon. Frank Safertal, Pres. Wilsonian Club, Wilson Library, 2014.