A Bibliography of Publications in English
 and Guide to Other Information Resources

Compiled by Miloslav Rechcigl Jr.


Copyright © 1999
By Miloslav Rechcigl, Jr. and SVU

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This is a tentative listing of references bearing on Czech abd Slovak genealogy. It is obviously incomplete. New information will be added when it becomes available. The compiler would welcome being notified of any omissions.


A. Genealogical Guides

B. Genealogical Periodicals

C. Sources of Vital Data
    1. Passenger: Lists

    2. Settler Lists

    3. Census Records

    4. Church Records

    5. Marriage Records

    6. Obituaries

    7. Cemetery Records

    8. Genealogical Records

D. Family Histories and Genealogies

E. Information on the Internet
F. Genealogical Societies

G. Cultural and Heritage Societies

H. Genealogical Services


A. Genealogical Guides

Nelson, Vernon H., "Moravian Genealogical Research", Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine 29 (1975): 41-50.

Sobotka, Rudie, "Finding Your Czech Ancestors,." Journal of Genealogy 3, no. 7 (July 1978), pp. 14-23.

Genealogical Research for Czech and Slovak Americans. By Olga K. Miller.
Detroit. Ml: Gale Research Co., 1978. 187 p

Tracing Your Czech and Slovak Roots. By Marylyn A. Wellauer. Milwaukee, WI, 980. 77 p.

Czech Footprints across the Bluebonnet Fields of Texas with a Focus on the Pioneer Czech Families of Texas. Proceedings of the 2nd Czech Symposium.
Edited by Anjanette Mesecke. Temple: Temple Junior College, 1983. 190 p.

Czech Genealogists' Handbook for Tracing Your Czech Ancestors in the Lone Star State and Czechoslovakia. By Albert J. Blaha. Houston, TX, 1984, 105 p.;
4th ed., 1986.

Genealogical Research: Tracing Czech, Moravian, and Slovak Ancestry.
By Jana Fast. Cedar Rapids, IA: Czech Fine Arts Foundation, 1984.

A Handbook of Czechoslovak Genealogical Research. By Daniel M. Schlyter.
Buffalo Grove, IL: Genealogy Unlimited, 1985.131 p

A Genealogical Guide and Atlas of Silesia.  Compiled from original maps by Otto K. Kowallis and Vera n. Kowallis. Logan, OR: Everton Publishers, 1976. 442 p.

Slovak Genealogy. By William Kona. WiImette, IL: K & K House, 1988, 150 p

Checking Your Czech Ancestors: A Guide for Czech Research. By Olivia Milberger and Dora Obsta. Privately printed, 1990.

Slovak and Rusyn Roots. Getting Started. A Guide for Researching Your Roots in the Slovak and Czech Republic.  By John A. Hudick. Boulder Creek, CA: The Author, 1996 (Available on INTERNET)

German Genealogy: Region Sudentenland. Help in Searching fo Ancestors from the Sudetenland. (Available on INTERNET).

Noth Moravia. Genealogical Sources / Starting Points / Literature. By Andreas Hanacek. 1996.. (Available on INTERNET).   

Carpath-Rusyn Genealogy Booklet. By Gregory Kolojeski. In preparation. To be published by the Capatho-Rusyn Society.

B. Genealogical Periodicals

Nase Dejiny (Our History). Hallettsville, TX, 1982-1989 . Vol.1- 8. Bimonthly.

Nase Rodina (Our Family).  Newsletter of the Czechoslovak Genealogical Society.  
St. Paul, MN, 1989- . Vol. 1- . Quarterly.

Koreny (Roots). Newsletter of the Czech and Slovak American Genealogy Society of Illinois. Quartery.

FEEFHS Newsletter. Published by the Federation of East European Family History Societies.

C. Sources of Vital Data

1. Passenger Lists

Immigrant Passenger Lists. Vol. 1. Galveston Passanger Lists 1846-61, 1866-71. New Orleans Passenger Lists 1852-1879. By Leo Baca. Richardson, TX: The Author, 1983. 157 p.

Immigrant Passenger lists. Vol. 2. Galveston Passenger Lists 1896-1906. New Orleans Passenger Lists 1879-1899. By Leo Baca. Richardson, TX: The Author, 1985. 195 p.

Immigrant Passenger Lists. Vol. 3. Galveston Passenger Lists 1907-1914. By Leo Baca. Richardson, TX: The Auhor, 1988. 170 p.

Immigrant Passenger Lists. Vol. 4. New York Passenger Lists 1847-1869. By Leo Baca. Richardson, TX: The Author, 1991. 182 p.

Immigrant Passenger Lists. Vol. 5.   New York Passenger Lists 1870-1880. By Leo Baca. Richardson, TX: The Author, 1993. 190 p.

Immigrant Passenger Lists. Vol. 6. Galveston Passenger Lists 1880-1886. New York Passenger Lists 1881-1886. By Leo Baca. Richardson, TX: The Author, 1995. 260 p.

Passenger Lists for Galveston, 1850-1855. By Albert J. Blaha. Houston, TX: The Author, 1985. 90 p.

Rechcigl, Miloslav, Jr., "Moravian Brethren from Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia: Their Arrival and Settlement in America". Bohemia Zeitschnft, 32, No. 1 (1991).

2. Settler Lists

A List of the Bohemian and Moravian Emigrants to Saxony. Collected from various sources in print and manuscript: Begun and completed at New York from June 2 to July 20, 1772. By George Neisser. Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society. 9, parts 1 and 2 1911), pp. 37-100.

Nebraska-Kansas Czech Settlers  1891-1895. By Margie Sobotka. Omaha, NE: Eastern Nebraska, Genealogical Society, n.d. 251 p

Carpathian Village People: A Listing of Immigrants to Minneapolis, Minnesota from 1880s to 1947.
By Mitro Jurchin. Minneapolis, MN, 1981. 23 p.

Czech Settlements and Families in Texas Before 1900. By Albert J. Blaha.
Houston, TX: The Author, 1983. 172 p.

Emigration to Texas from the Mistek District between 1856 and 1960.

3. Census Records

Austin County, Texas: Czech Census Extracts, 1860, 1870, 1880 and 1900. By Grace Cambell Clowe. Albuquerque, NM: The Author, 1983. (= Czech Footprints across the Bluebonnet Fields of Texas).

Colorado County, Texas: Czech Census Extracts, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1890 and 1900. By Grace Cambell Clowe. Albuquerque, NM: The Author, 1983. 203 p. (= Czech Footprints Across the bluebonnet fields of Texas).

Czech Extractions from McLennan County, Texas. By Grace Cambell Clowe. Albuquerque, NM: The Author, 1985. 70 p. (= Czech Footprints Across the Bluebonnet Fields of Texas).

Czech Families in Texas for the 1860 Census. By Albert J. Blaha. Houston, TX: The Author, 1982. 76 p. ( = Czech Footprints Across the Bluebonnet Fields of Texas).

Czech Families of  Fayette County. Czech Families in 1860,1870, 1880 and 1900 Census.   By Albert J. Blaha. Houston, TX: The Author, 1984. 2 vols. ( = Czech Footprints Acroos the Bluebonnet Fields of Texas).

Czech Footprints Across Lavaca County. 1860-1900. By Dorothy Bujnoch and Anne Rhodes.. Halletsville, TX: The Authors, 1984. 470 p. ( = Czech Footprints Across the Bluebonnet Fields of Texas).

Czechs in Wesley and Latium, Washington County. Albuquerque, NM: The Author, 1985. 90 p.    
(= Czech Footprints Across the Bluebonnet Fields of Texas). 

Czechs in Wharton County, Texas. By Annie Mae Gloeckner. Pierce, TX: The Author, 1985.
93 p. (=Czech Footprints Across the Bluebonnet Fields of Texas).

Gonzales County and those Czech Families. By John Zavadil. Census Extracts, Declarations of Intention and Marriage License Extracts. Gonzales, TX: The Author.

4. Church Records

A Register of Members of the Moravian Church and Persons Attached to Said Church in this Country and Abroad between 1727 and 1754. By Abraham Reincke.  Trranslated by W.C. Reichel.  In:Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society 1, No..7-9 (1857-58), 238-426.

Register Records of the Czech-Moravian Brethren, Nelsonville. By Albert J. Blaha and Edmond H.  Hejl. Houston, TX: The Authors, 1980. 161 p. ( = Czech Footprints Across the Bluebonnet Fields of Texas).

Register Records of the Czech-Moravian Brethren, Ross Prairie. By Albert J. Blaha and Edmond H. Hejl. Houston, TX: The Authors, 1980. 428 p. ( = Czech Footprints Across the Bluebonnet Fields of Texas).

Register of the Czech-Moravian Brethren, Wesley. By Albert J. Blaha and Edmond H. Hejl. Houston, TX: The Authors, 1980. 330 p. ( = Czech Footprints Across the Bluebonnet Fields of Texas).

Slovak Cemetery: Burleson County, Texas. By William C. Elsik and Mary Lynn Elsik. The Authors, 1979.

5. Marriage Records

Czech Marriage Records of  Fayette County. By Donald Cernosek and Grace Cambell Clowe. Houston, TX: Albert  J. Blaha, 1984. 93 p. ( = Czech Footprints Across the Bluebonnet Fields of Texas).

Declarations and Marriages of the Czechs in Colorado County. By Grace Cambell Clowe. Albuquerque, NM: The Author, 1985. 75 p. ( = Czech Footprints Across the Bluebonnet Fields of Texas).

Marriage Licenses (issued to Czechs) Austin County. B Beatrice Ripple Barler. Belville, TX: The Author, 1981. 86 p. (= Czech Footprints Across the Bluebonnet  Fields of Texas).

Marriages and Divorces. Nova Doba (New Era) Abstractions and Translations. By Margie Sobotka. Privately printed.

6. Obituaries

Deaths and Obits. Nova Doba (New Era) Abstractions and Translations. By Margie Sobotka. January, 1984. 97 p.

Obituaries of the Czech-Moravian Brethren in Texas 1905-1975. By Stacy Labaj. Houston, TX: Ben A. Merick and Albert J. Blaha, 1986. 365 p. ( = Czech Footprints Across the Bluebonnet Fields of Texas).

Posledni pocta. Pamatnik na zemrele ceskoslovenske exulanty v letech 1948-1981. Svazek 1.By Jozka Pejskar. Curych : Konfrontace, 1982. 323 p. ; Svazek 2 (1985). 368 p.; Svazek 3 (1989). 317 p.; Svazek 4247 p.

Obituaries from May 1957 to May 1969: Lavaca County Tribune, Hallettsville, Texas. By E. F. Smith.  Conroe, TX: J. Valigura, 1984. 314 p.:

The Denni Hlasatel Obituary Index 1891-1970. Chicago: CSAGSI, 1996. Also available on the diskettes.

Obituary Dates from the Denni Hlasatel (Gaily Herald): 1891-1899 By Joe Novak.

Obituary Dates from the Denni Hlasatel (Daily Herald): 1930-1939. By Joe Novak

Obituary Dates from the Denni Hlasatel (Daily Herald): 1940-1949. By Joe Novak.

Minnesota Deaths (1917-1927). Abstracted from Krestanske Listy (Christian Journal). Prepared by Margie Sobotka and Karleen Chott Sheppard.

7. Cemetery Records

Beck, Abraham Reinke. "The Moravian Graveyards of Lititz, PA, 1744-1905",
Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society 7 (1906): 215-336.

Janak, Robert. Old Bohemian Tombstones. Vol. 1. Beaumont, TX: The Author, 1983. 142 p. Includes the following TX cemeteries: Ammannsville Catholic, Dubina Catholic, Holman Catholic, Hostyn Catholic, Old Plum Catholic, Plum Catholic and Weimar Catholic Cemetery.

Janak, Robert. Old Bohemian Tombstones. Vol. 2. Beamont, TX: The Author, 1985. 166 p. Includes the following TX cemeteries: Cistern Catholic, Platonia Catholic, High Hill Catholic, Moravia Catholic, Praha Catholic, Psencik Catholic, Schulenburg Catholic and St. John's Catholic Cemetery.

Janak, Robert. Old Bohemian Tombstones. Vol. 3.Beaumont, TX: The Author, 1987.200 p. Includes the following TX cemeteries: Ellinger Catholic, Ellinger Public, Fayetteville Catholic, Frelsburg Catholic, Frnka, Halamicek, Industry Brethren, Nelsonville National, Old Latium Catholic, Ross Prairie Brethren,
Scranton Catholic, Susen, Warrenton Catholic and Wesley Brethren Cemetery.

Kluge, Edward T. "The Moravian Graveyards at Nazareth, PA 1744-1904." Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society 7 (1906): 83-207.

Schultze, Augustus. "The Old Moravian Cemetery of Bethlehem, PA 1742-1897."
Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society 5 (1897): 97-294.

8. Genealogical Records

Czechoslovak Surname Index. Vol. 1. St. Paul, MN: CGS, May 1989. (946 surnames).

Czechoslovak Surname Index. Vol. 2. St. Paul, MN: CGS, Feb. 1990. (1250 urnames).

Czechoslovak Surname Index. Vol. 3. St. Paul, MN: CGS, June 1992). (1719 surnames).

Czechoslovak Surname Index. Vol. 4. St. Paul, MN: CGS, 1993. (1700 surnames).

Czechoslovak Surname Index. Vol. 5. St. Paul, MN: CGS, May 1994. (1509 surnames).

Czechoslovak Surname Index. Vol. 6. St. Paul, MN: CGS, March 1995. (1745 surnames).

D. Family Histories and Genealogies



BACKER - A Family Book of Roots and Remembrances. By Paul Backer and I. Van Backer.   N.p.: The Author, 1989.


BALUCH - The Baluch Family Home Page    Internet


Begats a History of the Baum - Simon Families.By Rudy Baum.  North Bay Village, FL: The Author, 1978. 186 p.

BECK - The Anton and Rosina Koenig Beck Family and their Descendants 1844-1979. By Lillie Beck Wasserman.  Brenham, TX: The author, 1979. 305 p.

BEDICHEK - History of Beard-Bedichek-Craven and allied Families. By Pauline Beard Cooney. Austin, TX: The Author, 1979. 314 p.

BERGMANN - The Saga of Ernst Bergmann. By Albert J. Blaha and Dorothy Klumpp. Houston, TX: The Authors,1981. 122 p.


BLOCK - Descendants of Abraham Block of Washington, Hemsteadd County, Arkansas, 1782-1857. By Pauline Booker Carter. A typescript. Monroe, LA: The Author, 1972.

BOHM - Our Family through the Generations. By Aline Bohm Greif.  August 1982, 55 p.

BONDI - The Family Bondi and their Ancestors. By Reiner  J. Auman. Jamaica, NY, 1966. 100 p.

BOURIL - Frantisek and Barbora Bouril. By Gladys Bouril.     CGSI

BRUML - Belonging. The Family "Bruml" 1968-1977. By Heel-Rose Klausner. N.p.: The Author, 1977.

BUJNOCH - The Bujnoch Family. Our Czech-American Heritage. Halletsville, TX: The Author, 1986. 308p.

CECH - The Cech Family. Canley?, MN: The Author, 1980. 105 p.  Cech Family History 1800-1986. By Julia Sobota, Agnes and Theofil Cech and Tom and Grace
  Cech.  N.p.: The Athors, 1986.

CERNOTA - The Families of George and Marianna Konarik Cernota. By Olivia Milberger. Victoria, TX: The Author, 1984. 298 p.

CHOVANEC - Czechs in Texas: Generation by Generation from the 1852 Arrival of Ripple Family and the 1856 Arrival of Chovanec Family. By Julia Ripple Pearce. El Campo, TX: The Author, 1981. 169 p.

CHUPIK - History of the Chupik Family. By  J. F. Chupik.


CUBR - Your Cubr Line. By William J. Cubr Jr.     CGSI

DANEK - Danek-Jilek, 1794-1975. By Florence Smercheck and Grace Dolezal Smercheck. Salt Lake City: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1985. 8 leaves.

DEMUTH - Battershell, C. F. The Demuth Family and the Moravian Church. New Philadelphia, OH: The Author, 1931.
"The Demuth Genealogy Revisited. A Moravian Brethren Family from Czechoslovakia". By Miloslav Rechcigl Jr. Journal of the Lancaster County Historical Society 92, no. 2 (1989/90), pp. 55-68..

DOKTOR - Doktor Family, 1677-1982. By Mavis Bjornson. Comfrey, MN: Comfrey Times, 1982. 154 p.


DONAT - A Genealogy of the Donat  Family. By Robert Doonat.    CGSI
DOUBRAVA - Czech Pioneers in Texas. Vincenc Doubrava and Frantiska Novak Doubrava and their Descenfants. By Dorothy S. Miller. Bryan, TX: Wallace, 1979. 208 p.


DUBA - The Duba Family. By Arlo  D. Duba and E. Doreen Duba.      CGSI
DUSEK - Dusek (family tree). 1550-1960. N.p.: N.d.

DVORAK - The Dvoraks of Minnetonka Township, Minnesota. By Helen Mary Vavra and Albert James Kranz. Minneapolis: A. J. Kranz, 1988.

EISNER - see also BRUML
Reminiscences of A Native of Prague. By Paul J. Edwards (Dr. Pavel Eisner).
Rockville, MD: The Author, 1993. 127 p.


FEIKE - Feike Family. By Zelta Feike Rodenwald. Corvallis, OR, 1985. 256 p.

FIALA - Family Tree of Joseph Vojtech Fiala and Wife Mary (Holoubek) Fiala.
In: Holoubek Family Records 1732-1981. By Adele Holoubek Sedlak and Joe Edward Holoubek. Shreveport, LA: The Authors, 1981?, pp.109-131.
The Fiala Family History : From Czechoslovakia to America : 1650-1991 By Harvey  E. Fiala. Downey, CA: The Author, 1991. 419 p.     CGSI, LC


FLECK - The Fleck / Mazac Family History. By Daniel Donald Fleck. Michigan city, IN: Fleck corp., 1985. 81 leaves.



GABLER - Gabler Homepage for Genealogy Research    Internet


GOLD - The German Golds in America. By J. Stephen Gold. Bethlehem, PA: ABC Printing and Photo Offset, 1971.

GREENFIELD - Six Generations from Bohemia. A Chronicle of the Greenfield-Baum
Family. By Robert David Baum. Arlington, VA: The Author, 1977. 140 p.   LC

GRISAK - The Grisak Family. By Michael J. Grisak. Merrilville, IN: The
Author, 1978-79. 2 vols.

GRUNER - The Gruner Heritage. A Family History and Genealogy. By Marian
Rabbott-Zang. Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1983. 252 p.

HABAN - Haban - Sevcik Family Book. "Children Consider thy Heritage". By
Elizabeth Baker Haban.   CGSI:

HAKL - Hakl Roots and Branches. By Arthur Hakl. Pleasant Hill, CA: The
Author, 1981.

HALLA - The Genealogy of Albert Frank Halla.  Internet

HARTEL - Families of Matej and Katerina (Barcal) Hartel of South-Central
Bohemia, Czechoslovakia. By Ted Lawrence Bartlett. Chicago: The Author, 1977.
39 p.

HAVLICEK - The Havlicek Cooperative     Internet

HEGAR - Hegar, Stuchlik and Bartek Family Data. By Joseph Hegar . N.p.: The
Author, 1940. 


HERMAN - "The Descendants of Augustine Herman - The First Lord of Bohemia
Manor: The First Three Generations and Beyond". By Miloslav Rechcigl Jr. 
Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin 29, no. 3 (Summer 1988), pp.276-299.

HOCH - Ancestors and Descendants of the Hoch Family: Immigrants from Bohemia
Who Settled in Wilson, Kansas. By Ann Hoch Vincent. Teaneck, NJ: Composcript
Printers, 1983.
36 p.

HOLOUBEK - Holoubek Family Records 1732-1981, Czechoslovakia - United States of America. By Adela Holoubek Sedlak and Joe Edward holoubek. . N.p.: The Author, 1981. 131 p.   LC

HONIG - Descendants of the Honig / Hoenig Family of Kirchenbirk, Falkenau and Karlsbad, Bohemia, including the Lov and Adler Families of Falkenau, the Heller Family of Mies, the Fischer Family of Alt-Rohlau / Karslbad and the Spiegl Family of Eger. By Leopold Hoenig. New York: The Author, 1981. 53 leaves.

HORAK - The Horak Family     Internet

HORANSKY - The Horansky Genealogy, 1030-1990. Researched and compiled by Paul Charles Horansky.  Gilford, NH: P.C. Horansky, 1996.  212 p.

HORVATH - Rodokmen a osudy rodiny


HRABE - Joseph Hrabe of Rooks County, Kansas. Some of His Descendants. By Delmar Hrabe. Decorah, IA: Amudsen Publ. Co., 1988.

HRNCIR - Joseph and and Anna Svoboda Hrncir Family: A Journey from Lichnov, Moravia to Moravia, Texas, U.S.A., 1860-1991. Written, researched, compiled, edited by Charles L. "Chuck" Hrncir and Marilyn C. "Mickie" McGehearty Hrncir. TX: C. L. Hrncir, 1991.  220 leaves. LC

HRUSKA - Hruska Story: Hruska Clan. By Roy J. Hruska. N.p.: The Author, 1984.

HUDAK - Ernestine Marshik Hudak. Her story. By Ernestine Hudak Fagan.
Colorado Spring Co.: Leeper's Litho, 1985. 50 p.

HUMLICEK - Humlicek Family History. By Evelyn Humlicek.   CGSI


INECK - I Remember Grandpa. A Genealogy of the Ineck and Mishek Families. By
Lois Emma Wilson Cronbaugh. Iowa: The Author, 1965.

JANAK - A Family History of Ondrej and Rosalia Janak's Children. By Joseph D. Janak Jr. Victoria, TX: The Author, 1984. 65 p.
Simicek -  Sugarek -  Janak. By Robert Janak. Beaumont, TX: The Author, 1976. 24 p.

JANDACEK - Introduction to the Genealogy of the Jandacek Clan. By Peter Jandacek. Salt Lake city: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1974.

JEDLICKA - From Bohemia to America - Joseph Jedlicka and Mary Votapka.  By Henrietta Hansen and Dolores Jorgenson.   CGSI

JERABEK - One Branch of the Jerabek Family in Czechoslovakia and America. By Esther Jerabek. Minneapolis, MN: The Author, 1964.


JUZA - The Juza Family History. By Susan M. Juza. St. Cloud, MN: The Author, 1986. 273 p. CGSI

Kaisler, George a. A Genealogy of the Kaisler  F. Family. CGSI

KARLOLEK - Karlolek Family Home Page.   Internet

KASAL - Kasal Genealogy. Salt Laker City: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1984.

KASTL - Kastl Family History. By Evelyn Coufal and Francis Vich. Valparaiso,
NE: Catholic Quote, 1985. 66 p.

KERCHAL / KRCAL - The Ancestry of Deane Rae Kerchal and Bryan Victor Kerchal.
By D. Ray Kerchal. Stamford, CT: The Author, 1978.

KIPLINGER - Our Family Tree. Who We Are and Who We Came from: Family History,
Including Letters and Papers of Edward Kiplinger and Maria Heginger. By Norma
McCallum Moberg.  Fargo, ND: The Author, 1984. 56, 48 p.

KLABZUBA - Families Related to Rosi Klabzuba.    CGSI


KLEIN - The Klein Family History. By Simon Friedman and Harrold Weinberger.
Los Angeles, CA: Harrold A. Weinberger, 1980.
  Klein Klippings. Updates of the Klein Family History. Yonkers, NY: M K
Crasson, 1982.


KLIMA - The Family of Frank and Mary Klima.  Compiled by Allen D. Cavell.
Edina, MN: A. D. Cavell, 1988.  80 p.   LC, CGSI

KLIMESH - The John Klimesh Family History. By Cyril M. Klimesh and Dolores
Ira Klimesh. Sebastopol, CA: Methodius Press, 1985. 298 p.

KLOS = The Ancestors and Descendants of Frank Joseph Klos, 1789-1954 and Anna
Mary Stober Klos, 1890-1972. Stillwater, OK: The author, 1977. 118 p.

KOHN - Illustrated Family Tree of the Kohn , Barnett and Other Related Families of Albany. By Walter A. Kohn., NY. Philadelphia: The Author, 1946.
The Descendants of Isaak Kohn of Deutschrust (Saaz District), Czechoslovakia.
By John Henry Richter. Ann Arbor, MI: The Author, 1980.
Two Hundred Years of Family History. The Story of Joseph Kohn and His Descendants 1744-1945. By Sidney C. Singer. Glendale, CA: The Author, 1945.

KOHUT - John Kohut and His Son Josef. Czechoslovak Countryman in Early Texas.
By R. w. Cervenka. Texian Press, 1966. 40 p.

KONDISKO - A Short Biography of Joseph Kondisko with a Listing of His
Descendants  as of January 1977. By L. Cromshaw.    CGSI

KONECNY - The Anton Konecny Family in America 1892-1995.   CGSI

KOPCHAK - Kopchak / Cebula / Macala / Galayda Families.       Internet

KORBEL - The Korbel Family. By Carl T. Feelhaver. Salt Lake City, UT, 1974.

KORNFELD - A Genealogical History of an Extended Family with Rabbinical
Ancestry. The Kornfeld Family Tree, with the Erteschik, Klein and Schubin
Families, the Racker and Weil Connection. By Naomi Schubin Greenberg. West
Hempstead, NY: The Author, 1981. 159 p.

KORYTA - The Koryta Family of Karlov, Bohemia. By David V. agricola.
Cleveland, OH: The author, 1980. 10 p.



KOUKAL - Koukal Family of Rovne. By John Eugene Wheeler.    CGSI

KOVAR - The Descendants of Jacob and Rosalie Kovar 1790-1893. By Marie
Polanka.      CGSI

KOZACIK - John and Susan Kozacik. A Biography. By Mary Kozacik. East Chicago,
IN, 1965. 16 p.

KRALIK - Kralik history. By Dorothy Peak.     CGSI


KRENEK - Descendants of Josepha Krzenka (Joseph Krenek). By Anne Krenek
Obenhaus. N.p.: The Author, 11978.

KRISPIN - The Krispin / Krispinsky Family Page    Internet

KRIVKA - Pedegree of Anna Windsberger Claudi and Others of  Austrian, Polish, and Czechooslovakian Descent Including Krivka, Guzik, zguda, Przybyla, Kostrz and Tomanes Lines. Salt :Lake City: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1965.

KROUPA - The Kroupa Family. A History of Kroupa Family. A History of the Kroupa, Lada, Zitka, Schrader, Santovsky and Marcelbelts Families. By Robert Ellis Schrader. Los Angeles, CA: The Author, 1957. 276 p.


KUCERA - Frank Kucera Family Records (1854-1980). By Adela Holoubek Sedlak and Edward Holoubek. N.p.: The Authors, 1981. 89 p. 

KUKLIS - The Kuklis / Oliva Report  - 1994: The Kuklis and Oliva Family in Bohemia.   By Sandra J. Breitkreutz.   CGSI

KUSSY - The Story of Gustav and Bella Kussy of Newark, N.J. A Family Chronicle. By Sarah Kussy. Newark, NJ: The Author, 1945.  28 p.


LESIKAR - Brief /history of Joseph Ludie Lesikar. By j. J. Stalmach.
Minneapolis: Minnesota Historical Society, 1965.


LUCASH - Lucash Family History. By Michael McTiernan.             CGSI

LOTH - Bernard and Pauline Loth of Austria and their American Descendants .
By Marie Loth Harris. AJA check

LUKES - Biographical Sketches and Family History of Albert Lukes, Sr. and Mary Elizabeth Kovarik Lukes. By. Minnie E. Lukes et al.   CGSI


MACEK - The Heritage of the Macek, Kottas, Miller, Hey and Cantwell Families of America, By Eugene Macek and Lucille Macek. Ellsworth, KS: The Authors, 1982. 209 p. ; Supplement (1984) 198 leaves.


MALEC - Debbie Malec's Genealogy and Military Ancestors.  Internet

MAREK - Home Over the Ocean. The Family History. By Vaclav Strach. N.p.: The Author, 1978. 106 p.

MAROUSEK - The Man Who Works... Is the Man Who Wins. By Esther Marousek
Letellier. Pierre, SD: State Publishing Co., 1984. 155 p.

MASEK - The Masek and Kotras Genealogies 17995-1984. By Frances Kotras Whitcroft. N.p.: The Author, 1985. 79 leaves.


MEDUNA - Medina Family Roots   Internet


MICAN - Mican-Mitchan. Our Czech-Moravian Ancestors 1860-1984. By Marjorie Mican Matula. Victoria, TX: The Author.              CGSI

MIKESKA -The Mikeska Family of Zadverice. Vol. 1.  By Robert Janak. Beaumont,
TX: The Author, 1986. 209 p.; Vol. 2 (1988) 203 p.


MITCHELL - From Bohemia to the Four Winds: Matthew Mitchell and his
Descendants. By Rob Marion. Fresno, CA: The Author, 1987. 258 p.
MLADEK - Imel-Mobr-Mladek-Krejci Genealogy. By Opal K. Morgan. N.p.: The
Author, 1979. 176 p.


MRSNY - Mrsny Heritage - By Herman J. Mrsny.    CGSI

NECHANICKY - The Nechanicky Family Heriatage. Frank Nechanicky and Elizabeth
Janasek of Dobrkov, Bohemia and their Descendants, Including Immigrants to
Tama County, Iowa, 1833-1981. By  Celia J. (Nechanicky) Scott and William G.
Nechanicky.  Sycamore, IL: The Author, 1981. 248 p.

NEUMANN - Henry Neumann's Family Tree.     CGSI

NOVAK - Novak Family Genealogy. Salt Lake City: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1978.
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RYCHTARIK / RICHTARIK - Rychtarik / Richtarik Family History. By JoAnn Schiefelbein. CGSI


SANDOR (SANDERS) - Sandor (Sanders) / Smik Families.  Internet



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SCHREMMER - Schremmer and Pollock Family Lines.     Internet

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 Seeking All Smisek's Genealogy Page.  Interenet

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VIROSZTKO / VEROSTKO - The Virosztko / Verostko Family    Internet


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ZVERINA - The Story of the Anton and Rose Mitermiler Zverina. By Frances S. Zverina and Justin Zverina. Cleveland: R. J. Liederback, 1980. 50 p.

E. Information on the Internet

1. Slavic and East Europeans

Soc.Genealogy.Slavic HomePage

Cyndis  List of Genealogy Sites on Internet : Eastern Europe

Czechoslovak Genealogy Sites on the Internet

Genealogical Research in the Lands of the Former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy

2. Czechs

Czech Republic, Bohemia and Moravia Genealogical Research
Contains also a section " Czeching Out Our Ancestors" where you can send a
posting of your family search. To do that, go to

Czech and Slovak Yellow Pages (contains a separate "Genealogy" section)

FEEFHS Czech Republic Cross-Index.
Can be accessed through FEEFHS   FAQ on:

Newberry Library Bohemian Genealogy

3. Silesians

German Genealogy : Silesia,reg/SCI/sil.html

Silesian Families

3. German Bohemians

Help in Searching for Ancestors from the Sudetenland

Genealogie im Sudetenland / Boehmen

4. Slovaks

Eastern Slovakia, Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogy Research Pages

FEEFHS Slovak Republic Cross- Index
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Slovak World. Slovakian Genealogy.
E-mail Listserver

4. Carpatho-Rusyns

Carpatho-Rusyn Society Genealogy Committee Home Page

FEEFHS Carpatho-Rusyn, Rusin, Ruthenia  Cross-Index
Can be acessed through FEEFHS FAQ

F. Genealogical Societies

1. US and Canada

Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International, Inc. (CGSI)
Address: P. O. Box 16225, St. Paul, MN 55116-0225
President: Mark Bigaoutte
Telephone (612) 739-7543          Telephone Hotline: (612) 645-4585
Publication: Nase Rodina (Our Family). Quarterly; Rocenka (Annual) .
Library: Located at the MN Genealogical Society Library, 1650 Carroll Ave,
St. Paul, MN.

Czech and Slovak American Genealogy Society of Illinois (CSAGSI) .
Address: P.O. Box 313, Sugar Drove, IL 60554
President: Joe Hartzel
Publication: Koreny (Roots). Quarterly Bulletin

East European Genealogical Society, Inc. (EEGS)
Address: P. O. Box 2536, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 4A7, Canada
President: Mavis Menzies
Publication: East European Genealogist. Quarterly.
Library: New location being sought

Federation of East European Family History Societies (FEEFHS)
Address:P.O. Box 4327, Salt Lake City, UT 84151-0898
President: John Movius
Publications: FEEFHS Newsletter, country Cross-Indexes etc.

German-Bohemian Heritage Society (CBHS)
Address: P.O. box 822, New Ulm, MN 56073-0822

Silesian - American Genealogy Society (SAGS)
Address: 1910 East 5685 South, Salt Lake city, UT 84121-1343
Telephone: (801) 272-6369
President: Joseph L. (Joe) Reinmann

2. Czech Republic

Ceska genealogicka a heraldicka spolecnost
Address: Krizikova 16, 166 00 Praha 8, Czech Republic
Library : Yes

Moravska genealogicka a heraldicka spolecnost
Address: Stredni 11, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic

3. Slovakia

Slovak Genealogical-Heraldic Society at the Matica slovenska
Address: c/o MS - Biographical Institute, Novomeskeho 32, 036 52 Martin,
Secretary: Milan Sismis
Publication: Genealogicko-Heraldicky hlas (Genealogical-Heraldic Herald)     
Library: Yes

4. Austria

Institute for historical Family Research
Address: IHFF, Pantzergasse 30/80, A-1190 Wien, Austria
Telephone: (43) 1 369 97 29; FAX (43) 1 369 97 30

5. Germany

Vereinigung Sudetendeutscher Familienforscher (VSFF)
Address: Eirikaweg 58, D-93053 Regensburg, Germany
Telephone : (49) 941- 709102

Arbeitsgemeinschaft ostdeutscher Familienforscher e.V. (AGoFF)
Address: Funhrweg 29, D-53229 boon, Germany
Telephone: (49) 821-603633

G. Cultural and Heritage Societies

Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences (SVU)
Address: 1703 Mark Lane, Rockville, MD 20852
President: Miloslav Rechcigl, Jr.
Telephone: (301) 881-7222     FAX: (301) 881-7222; e-mail:
Publications: Zpravy SVU (SVU News); Kosmas : Czechoslovak and Central European Journal;
SVU Directory; Program and Abstracts of SVU World Congresses; SVU Reference and Information Series.

Moravian Heritage Society (MHS)
Address: 31910 Road 160, Visalia, CA 93292-9044
Director: Tom Hrncirik
Telephone: (209) 798-1490       FAX: (209) 798-1922
Publication: Morava Krasna (Moravia, the Beautiful )

German-Bohemian Heritage Society (GBHS)
Address: P. O. Box 822, New Ulm, MN 56073-0822
President: Paul Kretsch
Telephone: (507) 354-2763
Publication: German-Bohemian Heritage Society Newsletter. Quarterly

Slovak Heritage and Folklore Society International (SHFSI)
Address: 151 Colebrook Drive, Rochester, NY 14617-2215
Director: Helene Cincebeaux
Telephone: (716) 342-9383